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Address:Shandong jinan chapter grave district zaoyuan industrial park

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The phone:13789826865


Zip code:250214
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      Jinan jia hao machinery co., LTD is located in the roots blower manufacturing base——Known as“Small springs”Known as shandong jinan chapter grave area。The company by south309National highway、Border line,North pengfeng highway,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company has a number of years engaged in roots blower and the design of rotary fan equipment such as the backbone of the research and production personnel。Company main products are various types of roots blower、Roots blower、Rotary fan、The roots vacuum pump、Booster pump and all kinds of carving machine equipment。This company produces the fan has a reasonable structure、Small volume、High efficiency、Low noise、Smooth operation、Long service life、Easy maintenance, etc!Has always been,Jia hao machinery and stick to the path of independent innovation,Through continuous accumulation of experience and technical innovation,Formed a jia hao products unique style and excellent performance,The value of the realization of the real product for the customer。
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Jinan jia hao machinery co., LTD     Contact phone number:13789826865     Address:Shandong jinan chapter grave district zaoyuan industrial park
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