Service project

—— We provide integrated service content ——

Huijin advantage

—— Security、Quickly、Specification;Is our aim ——
  • Cost savings

    Small and medium-sized enterprises to select huijin do bookkeeping agency,Cost is often not as good as a professional financial personnel salary1/3。

  • Senior experience

    All of us by experienced accountant to provide professional service for you,Is equal to an old accounting to your company。

  • Stable service

    Huijin financial comprehensive professional team to provide stable service,Do not worry about personnel turn-over inconvenience。

  • Reduce the tax risk

    In the tax laws and regulations under the condition of continuously updated,To provide customers with professional、Pragmatic、Conform to the regulations of financial services,Effectively avoid the financial risk of taxation。

About huijin

—— We provide professional、Sincere、Warm service ——

  Longyan city huijin is approved by the longyan city bureau of financial management co., LTD,The specialty is engaged in the company registration、Bookkeeping agency、Accounting consultancy、The tax planning、The financial management、Change the cancellation 、Trademark registration、Construction qualification such as a comprehensive accounting agency business。Can help enterprise managers from multifarious affairs“Liberation”Come out,Greatly reduce the labor cost of start-up companies、Financial costs、The cost of time,The implementation“Light burden”。The company has a stable professional accounting do zhang team、Tax team and customer service team...【For details】


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