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Fuzhou haida traffic facilities co., LTD(www.weizhenping.cn)The specialty is engaged inFuzhou fence manufacturers,Fujian guardrail plate manufacturers,Waveform guardrail price,Highway facilities product development、Production、Sales and service as one of the manufacturers,The company has several dedicated full automatic metal welding equipment、The single point machine、Double screw numerical control complete sets of production lines、Bending machine、Finishing forming equipment and testing equipment complete immersion、Pensu equipment,Formed a specialized scale、Larger production capacity of the production line。Companies continue to steel structure technology and the mechanics theory research,And constantly applied to product design and manufacturing based on the results of the study,Our main products are waveform guardrail plate、Crash barrier plate、Double barrier plate、Plastic spraying guardrail plate、Barrier pillar、Waveform guardrail accessories、Municipal guardrail、Highway noise barrier、PVCThe lawn guardrail、Municipal construction WeiDang,Logo sign,Metal corrugated pipe and other transportation facilities。 To view more+