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Welcome to yantai heng bang chemical co., LTD!

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Companies adhering to the constant state group“People-oriented、Sustainable development”The enterprise concept,Together with the dealer to do the lubricating oil market,Developing health together,Let more consumer to use high quality lubricating oil。


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Advanced equipment

The company independent research and development of lubricating oil series products include car oil at present、Industrial oil、Special oil altogether40Multiple varieties,100A variety of brands,As the market develops unceasingly,Also add some applicability、Higher quality、Vitality more varieties。

Yantai heng bang chemical co., LTD. Is one of the chemical enterprise of jiaodong peninsula created earlier.The main products of the company:Industrial lubricants、Automotive lubricants、The vehicle brake fluid、Grease、Automobile maintenance products、Automotive urea solution。

About us

Industrial lubricants

The vehicle brake fluid

Automotive lubricants


Automobile maintenance products

Yantai heng bang chemical co., LTD. Lubricating oil enterprise standard
(Better than the national standard)


1.Hydraulic transmission oil              
2.DCDSpecial ship diesel engine oil   
3.Extreme pressure cutting oil                  
4.Edm oil          
5.Natural gas engine oil            
6.SM、SNGasoline engine oil    
7.CJ-4Diesel engine oil         
8.Automobile automatic transmission fluidATF    
9.Automobile automatic transmission fluidCVT    
10.Screw air compressor oilL-DAH  
11.Stationary oil gas generator  
12.DCAMarine cylinder oil



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