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(A)The vehicle class
1、Intelligent made cars:Concept car、Smart car、Intelligent electric cars、The Internet、Intelligent made cars、Self-driving cars、Driverless cars、Flying cars, etc。
2、New energy vehicles:Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle;Pure electric vehicles(BEV,Including solar car);Fuel cell vehicles(FCEV)、Hydrogen car engine、Air vehicles、Magnetic power cars and other new energy vehicles and other kinds of products。Applied exhibition city。
(2)Spare parts
1、Intelligent made products and technology
Vehicle intelligent hardware;Vehicle electronic control technology;Vehicle electronic devices;Car networking related products, etc。
2、The battery、The motor、Core components and advanced technology such as electronic control applications。
3、Advanced internal combustion engine、Efficient transmission、Lightweight、Energy-saving technology such as optimization design for vehicle。
(3)Charging and supporting facilities
Charging pile、Charging machine、Power distribution cabinet、Charge in the battery and battery management system、Car park charging infrastructure、Intelligent monitoring、Charging power supply solution、Charging stations-The smart grid solution, etc。
(Four)A new generation of information and communication、Intelligent transportation、The Internet、Microelectronics、Artificial intelligence and new materials、New energy and other related industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions。

Organizations and agencies

The organizer:
The people's government of Beijing
The ministry of industry and information technology
The ministry of public security
The ministry of transport

The organiser:
Industrial development center of ministry of industry and information technology equipment
Beijing economic and information commission
China's electronic information industry development institute
The people's government of shunyi district of Beijing
Branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade machinery industry
China electrotechnical society
《Car knowledge》The magazine, etc

The co-organizer:
Beijing RGL sifang exhibition co., LTD

Cooperation unit:
Beijing grand international exhibition co., LTD

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