Ankang municipality fusing group co., LTD,Was established1999Years10Month,Is located in ankang railway station on the west side,The registered capital1.42One hundred million yuan,Have professional and technical personnel600More than one,Group owns real estate development、Building、The city、Fire control facilities engineering general contracting secondary qualification,Water and electricity、Geological disaster prevention、Old buildings、Environmental protection、Steel structure professional construction general contracting level 3 qualification。Based on real estate development、Building construction、The subcontracting、Mineral development、Property management industry, such as integration development of private enterprises,In the territory of shaanxi branch10A,Is also the most powerful of shaanxi private enterprises group co., LTD。

Companies to follow“Fusing property、Happiness forever,Good faith for this、The service is supreme”The service idea and“Diligence、The collaboration、Innovation、Acceptance”The spirit of enterprise and“Security and development、The quality strives for the survival”“Casting products、Achievement brand”The management idea,To pursue transcendence,Its new era,The courage to create new glory,Based on shaanxi、Facing the whole country、Into the world。To set up“Fusing”The good faith is practical、Wisdom industrious corporate culture。Have development of chaoyang district in the north of the construction、Wide view area、Jinjiang garden district、Fusing the apartment、Ankang municipality radio and television networks center district、Ankang municipality old dry area、Zhenping agricultural building、Ziyang county XiangYang Town immigrant relocation area(Five period)Engineering、Ankang municipality at jiangbei coach siteBArea2Building, and other high-quality goods project and han riverside north high school teaching building、Pingli intermediate people's court、Ziyang toon town of resettlement community、Wide view garden royal view table and a large number of projects under construction。From the city center to the nine county area,From ankang in southern shaanxi to the provincial capital xi 'an,The footsteps of fusing group is more and more robust,Road is more and more broad。The construction area100Million square meters,Engineering qualification rate100%,To provide jobs1000More than one。...【To view more】

  • 1999

    Ankang municipality fusing real estate development group co., LTD. Was set up。

  • 2001

    Ankang municipality fusing property development group construction co., LTD. Was set up。

  • 2002

    Have developed a ditch village construction、Taoyuan district、Jiangbei chaoyang district。

  • 2002

    The third han Dragon Boat Festival in ankang championship。

  • 2008

    Have developed extensive garden construction、Jinjiang garden district、 Milky Way home。Jinjiang garden1#、2#Building engineering for provincial civilized construction site and the construction of new technology demonstration project。

  • 2010

    In ankang7.18Post-disaster reconstruction in donations22Wan。

  • 2015

    2015Years3Month,Fusing group donated at the scene of the China's first charity day30Ten thousand yuan。Calendar year for provinces, cities and keep the contract heavy credit enterprise,Construction companies to obtain outstanding enterprises at the same time。

  • 2017

    Development and construction fusing apartment。

  • 2019

    Begin to glory,Establishing furnished scene

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