Guanghan shun macro paint co., LTD. Is a collection of architectural coatings、Granite coating、Inorganic coatings、Fluorocarbon lacquer、Floor lacquer、Oily exterior wall paint、Wall emulsioni paint、Furniture paint、Really stone paint, texture paint mainly of large-scale chemical enterprise。The company was founded in2006Centre is located in the beautiful and rich in western sichuan plain--Guanghan double jiang chemical industry park,Covers an area is established20More than square meters of production base。Has been committed to“Development of environmental causes,Improve and enhance people's living environment”The beauty of the win,From the beginning of research and development is based on the leading product technology on the basis of main coating environmental protection high-end field;Aerosol has the domestic first-class...



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Guanghan macro coating co., LTD

Location:Guanghan, sichuan province and hing chemical industrial park

Zip code:69557550

The phone:0838-5405177