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Jamie bear with multiple products,2012In open children live pavilion horn,Committed to build children's integration of the frontier life hall in China。2018New YearIPUpgrade of image,With more young people's way of life,The diversified open children's wear new retail model。

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ShengKe shoes co., LTD., a subsidiary of children's wear brand“Jamie bear”Was founded2004Years,“Jamie bear”Covers children's wear brand、Children's shoes、Anime、Children's series products,At present, there are more than in the country1800Home stores、Government department,All over、And so on200A number of large and medium-sized cities。 “Jamie bear”Children's clothing with its European fashion style、Novel design、The advantages of excellent quality won a high reputation。
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Please have a look at jamie bear on behalf of the role, JMBEAR 吧!
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